Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All right!

I am gonna start by saying I hate how I look in that pic!! lol...that was over the summer and I had been growing my hair out. Its cut now. I know it has been forever...i just have not felt interested in the blogging thing lately. I am trying to snap out of that. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with family and friends. I am so happy that they all live so close. The kids break from school nearly killed laugh now). Austin just does not handle change in his routine well at all. Well, it is January! That means we are going to have a 6 year old soon! Yep, Brooklyn will be 6 the end of this month! Sheesh.
Ryan and I will be starting the HCG diet tomorrow! I am so excited! So I will post pics after 3 weeks,lol.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What we have been up to lately....

Well we installed this....

And set up this....

And had lots of fun shopping and dreaming of our next big home improvement projects here....

We also took the kids ice skating for Cousin Sara's Birthday....
Brooklyn was wobbly holding on to 2 people at a time and Austin tried twice and decided it wasn't for him. :) I had so much fun,have always enjoyed skating and Ryan is a natural as well.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our 4 day weekend

This weekend we went up to my In-Laws Cabin in Pine dale.We went for the long weekend and Ryan's 27Th Birthday! The weather was amazing it stormed off and on and the rest of the time it was nice and cool. On Ryan's birthday we went to lunch at Red Devil's Pizza with his parents and Grammy Morris and our brother-in-law Adam. It was delicious as usual lol. Then that night a bunch of his cousins from Round valley came to visit and we had Strawberry Shortcake and sang to Ryan. It was really nice to see everyone and sit on the porch and visit.

While at the cabin I attempted to make my first loaf of homemade bananna bread ever! It turned out so yummy and was so easy! I loved how everybody kept eating it :)
We had a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

8 Years!!

Today marks 8 years since the day that Ryan and I got married. We had a simple but beautiful wedding outside. Joe and Shirley Pico were kind enough to let us celebrate this occasion in their beautiful back yard. Our colors were a light purple(periwinkle)and silver. My sister made my had lace daisies and was beautiful. I wore white slippers under my then I wore slippers almost everywhere...who knows why! It was a great day and I am thankful for all the family and friends that helped to make it that way.

Ryan and I got married young,we were both 18 and he turned 19 on our honeymoon! Sounds crazy now but I wouldn't have had things any other way. I knew from the beginning when I met Ryan that he was my other half and that we belonged together. We have been through so much in 8 years and have grown and learned together. I feel blessed for all that we have been through the good and the has put us where we are today and I can honestly say it just keeps getting better!! I love you Ryan....I never stopped...I am so grateful for you and who you are as a Man and Father today. Happy Anniversary Ryan!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

We are home...

Well, the move went great! We are so thankful for all the help that we received. We have moved allot and out of all the moves this has been the best one...we have been here since Saturday and are almost completely settled in, I have even begun to decorate. I love decorating my home and I love antiques and heirlooms..that's right..old This house has such a warm feeling we feel right at home. We will be painting the family room and starting on our garden this week..can't wait! Here are some pics of some of the decorating...not done just yet with all of it but as days go by I have more ideas and change things up.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Moving!! I know.....AGAIN?! lol

Well,we found a lovely home in our old neighborhood Castle gate(in the QC) and will be moving back a week from this weekend!! I am extremely excited! We will be renting the Yamamoto's house,very cute! I know we have moved quite a bit but something about Castle gate has been calling us back....not sure if its because that's where all our support is located or not but happy to be coming back!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Weekend

Well, this weekend we had planned to go Camping with some friends,so we left Friday to head up to the mountains, just past Forest Lakes. We started out like this.....

We were all excited to be going on this little getaway,but as we were on the road Austin just did not seem to be doing well at all...he had a fever and was very drowsy. Once we got the campsite and set up all he wanted to do was sleep.So he slept in the trailer while the rest of us did a little of this...

Here is Brooklyn and a little friend snuggling around the campfire. We enjoyed sitting around the fire and a few smores and then turned in..thinking the kids would be up early. Austin talked in his sleep almost the entire night it was clear that he was not doing well at all.It rained all night...well that's what we thought but we woke up to this...

The ground was covered in snow and it was still continuously coming down. Being natives from Mesa...we are just not snow people...the kids took one look out the trailer door and ran back to the bed. It was so cold we all got in the car and turned on the heater. Austin was still feeling awful so we decided the only thing to do was to pack up and head home. The upside to this was being back in time for my families Easter celebration Saturday evening. We headed home and this is what we had to drive through!!...

That's snow!!! We were driving through a snowstorm,it was scary but didn't last too long. We made it home and headed to my brother's house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. Austin was feeling OK off and on.

Sorry, lol I could not resist that plumbers shot of Brooklyn and her little tush! The kids sat on the couch to watch Cars and Austin fell asleep. When he woke up his temp was 105.9!! Ryan and I took him to an urgent care near bye

Poor guy we were there for about a hour and a half and found out he has an ear infection. Could have been worse :) Sunday night we did pretty much the same thing with Ryan's family dinner and an Easter egg hunt! We also had a late celebration for Austin's 4Th birthday. Overall we had a great weekend and I feel truly blessed to belong to the families that I do!